Books24x7 Linking Issues

Links to Books24x7 in your classroom not working?
Getting an error message saying that you must log in through your library?

Try this workaround:

  1. Go to the Books24x7 main page and log in, if prompted. This will set a Books24x7 cookie in your browser.
  2. Now the links to Books24x7 in your classroom should work.
  3. Repeat this process if you get a Books24x7 error message again later.

To report the issue:

  • Students: 
    Please report the issue to your instructor.
  • Faculty: 
    Please report the issue to your Program Chair.
  • Program Chairs:
    Please submit an Equella service request (program chairs only) to get broken links fixed (unless the broken link is under eReserves, in which case you should contact  Please be sure to indicate the class number (and section, if applicable), and where in the classroom the broken link can be found.

How to get working links to Books24x7:
Click the Share icon in the Tools section at the top of the book or chapter you want to link to. 

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