Request a Book from the Library Catalog
for Pickup or Delivery

  1. When viewing the book's full record, click the Availability link.
    Availability link

  2. Then click the Request button.
    request button
  3. Sign in, if prompted.
    Select UMUC as the campus, and then sign in with your UMUC credentials.
  4. Select a pickup/delivery location and click send.
    Pickup/delivery location
    • Want to pick it up in Maryland?
      A number of pick-up locations are available throughout the state, including the following. Be sure and check the hours of operation.
    • Want it delivered to you (for free)?  
      Select UMUC-UMUC Patrons Only and we will deliver the book to you.
      • Home delivery inside the continental US
        We will deliver the book, via UPS, to your home address as entered in your Profile in MyUMUC. Books cannot be delivered to P.O. Box numbers.
      • Office delivery option for full-time UMUC faculty and staff
        When the book is ready, we will offer you the option to have it delivered to your UMUC office via campus mail. 
      • Delivery to APO/FPO addresses outside the continental US (faculty only)
        We will deliver the book, via USPS, to your APO or FPO address as entered in your Profile in MyUMUC.
    • Overseas student or staff member?
      Please see book options for overseas.

More Information
Loan periods, returns, renewals, fines, etc.

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