Secrets of My Research Success

Run time: 35 minutes | Requires Flash Player.

Welcome to Secrets of My Research Success. This 35-minute interactive tutorial models the research process via the story of Quentin, a UMUC student who works for a film studio that is undergoing a corporate takeover. Anxiety is high, but he remembers he can get help from a UMUC librarian in locating information regarding corporate takeovers and what this is all about.

The tutorial takes Quentin through the various research process steps as he interacts with Mike, one of the UMUC librarians. Mike helps Quentin understand how to locate background information on his topic by showing him how to select search terms, create a search statement, choose appropriate databases to search, evaluate articles and Web sites and properly cite his sources.

Each of the tutorial modules includes opportunities for learning reinforcement via interactive learning activities. There is also a final assessment quiz to test your knowledge.

And now…on with the show…