Tips for Searching Google Scholar via UMUC

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar (UMUC Version) searches a small portion of UMUC library research databases, as well as the free Web, to retrieve summaries of books and articles in a variety of academic areas. Google Scholar will find material on the Web that may or may not be peer reviewed. Be aware that it will miss a large percentage of scholarly articles that you can find by searching directly in a library research database. In addition, currently it is not clear exactly what resources Google Scholar actually searches.

Google Scholar will sometimes link to sites where you will be required to pay a fee to obtain the full text of the document. In most cases you can obtain such documents at no charge to you through either the library research databases or, if the full text is not available there, via DocumentExpress. Please contact Ask a Librarian if you need assistance.


Setting up Google Scholar to Link to UMUC Library Resources

To access UMUC Library resources through Google Scholar, you need to use this link:
Google Scholar (UMUC Version)

Or, you could set up Google Scholar's "library links" and select UMUC as your institution.  (If you use want to search Google Scholar from different computers or browsers, you may need to do this for each computer and browser that you use.) 

  1. Go to Google Scholar at

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Then click Library links and do a search for umuc.
    Search for UMUC

  4. Select all the UMUC library links and click SAVE.
    Library links

  5. Now, when you search Google Scholar from that browser, you will see Find It @ UMUC links.  


Performing a Basic Search

Once you have accessed Google Scholar through the UMUC library Web site, perform a basic search as you would in, using keywords and phrases (put phrases inside quotation marks). For example, to research communication in multinational corporations, you can enter the search shown here:

Google Scholar basic search


Search Results and Finding Full Text

When the full text of an item is available in a UMUC library database, you will see a Find It @ UMUC link. Click on it and a Find it screen appears, showing the database(s) in which the full text is available. Click on a GO button to access the full text:

 Google Scholar - Find It link with full text available

Sometimes, the Find It @ UMUC link appears below the item, rather than next to the title. In these instances, the article is less likely to be available in full text.

 Google Scholar - Find It link without full text immediately available

When no Find It @ UMUC link appears with an item, clicking on the title of the item may link you to the full text on a free Web site. However, sometimes you will be linked to a Web site that asks you to pay for the full text. When that happens, you can request the full text of the item at no charge through UMUC library's DocumentExpress service.

Other elements of the search results list, such as Cited By, Web Search, etc., are explained on the Scholar Help page. From the Google Scholar homepage, click on Scholar Help.


Advanced Searching

To perform an advanced search, click on Advanced Scholar Search from the Google Scholar homepage. The following screen will appear, in which you can specify keywords, phrases, dates, subject areas, and so forth:

 Google Scholar advanced search


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