Leadership Workshops

Innovative, Customized Workshops Addressing Your Organization's Challenges

UMUC's National Leadership Institute offers targeted, low-cost leadership training workshops for private, non-profit, and government organizations.

These popular programs employ the expertise of organizational thought leaders across a broad spectrum of industries using proven techniques and cutting-edge assessment tools.

They're designed to expand your knowledge, boost your confidence, and equip you with the skills to be an exceptional leader.

At least 12–24 participants from a single organization are required to conduct each workshop. Contact us today to discuss workshop options for your organization.

Leadership Personality and Interpersonal Style

Find your natural leadership style within your personality. In this one-day workshop, you'll learn how your individual needs and behaviors influence your interactions with others and determine your unique leadership profile.

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Using state-of-the-art assessment tools, including MTI and FIRO-B, and in-depth, guided discussions, you'll come away with a deeper understanding of your own approach to personal and professional relationships, along with actionable tools for improving your interpersonal skills toward becoming a more effective and influential leader.

Expressing Influence Through Social Intelligence

How influential are you as a leader? Find out how to improve your social intelligence and more effectively manage complex relationships and environments toward achieving your business goals.

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Leadership, especially in challenging times, requires that managers know how to influence others, even those over whom they have no authority. Low morale, high stress, limited resources, uncertainty, and insecurity make the job of influencing others more difficult.

Social intelligence—the capacity to understand and manage one's interpersonal and social interactions—is crucial to one's ability to be influential, a key component in truly effective leadership.

In this workshop, participants will receive feedback from a 360-degree performance appraisal of their Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and engage in experiential activities to practice the use of various influence-wielding tactics and behaviors. Participants will learn strategies for improving their social intelligence and becoming a more influential leader.

Enhancing Coaching Skills

Unleash the excellence in your team. Fine-tune your coaching skills and learn the keys to developing your employees into productive, enthusiastic team members.

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This workshop moves beyond the basics of coaching into the specific actions and behaviors managers can use to coach and develop others. In addition to practicing new skills, topics for the session will include how to prepare for, start, terminate, and structure a coaching session.

Resolving Conflict

Keep disagreements among team members from becoming poisonous. Learn how tensions arise in the workplace and the strategies for making them productive instead of disruptive.

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Tensions are bound crop up even within even the best organizations. When individuals and teams are stressed by the demands of difficult work situations, conflicts are even more likely to erupt. That's not always a bad thing, since sorting out disagreements potentially can lead to greater understanding and smoother operations in the long run. Unfortunately, because most people tend to avoid conflict, simple differences of opinion can be left to fester and become larger problems.

This workshop will focus on how people tend to respond when these differences arise. Participants will engage in the conflict development profile and assessment of their individual conflict behaviors and how these behaviors are manifest within and across groups. Through group exercises, participants will practice new, more constructive conflict response behaviors and leave the workshop ready to apply these new approaches to their work situations.

Energizing Teams in Down Times

Don't let your team's performance flag during a difficult stretch. Learn how to keep your employees engaged and motivated even when times are tough.

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Even dynamic teams and motivated individuals can fall into phases of mediocrity from time to time. It could be because they've been putting in the extra hours a little too long, or perhaps business has been slow. Whatever the reason, it's your job as a leader to keep the energy high and the performance strong.

This workshop is specifically designed to help team leaders re-energize, refresh, and motivate their teams to higher levels of performance. Through a series of experiential activities, participants will gain insights into their current situations and acquire practical tools to enhance the effectiveness performance and morale of their organizational teams. Special problems encountered by cross-functional, diverse, and geographically dispersed teams will also be addressed.

Think Like a Leader

Elevating your game from manager to leader means adopting a completely new mindset. Learn the fundamental truths that successful leaders understand, and take your team to extraordinary heights.

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There is a huge, important difference between managing and leading. Leaders do not just see the big picture; they articulate a vision that is at once challenging, inspiring, and attainable. This workshop will raise the bar for participants, encouraging them to think like leaders using strategic and systems-thinking skills.

Through individual assessments and group activities, participants will learn tools and techniques to improve their effectiveness in this key leadership competency.

At least 12-24 participants from a single organization are required for each workshop. Contact us today to discuss workshop options for your organization.

Or call 877-999-7195 or e-mail nli@umuc.edu.

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