Coaching for Excellence

A Roadmap for Getting the Best from Your Employees

The National Leadership Institute's Coaching for Excellence Program provides a roadmap for managers at all levels to learn the skills and practices they need to successfully coach and develop their employees into motivated, productive team members.

Through this online, self-paced program and the use of case studies, videos, exercises, and actionable tips given by executive coaching professionals, you'll discover how to unlock the excellence in each member of your staff and lead your team to greater success.

Who Should Attend

Coaching for Excellence is designed for managers at all levels, from first-line supervisors to senior-level managers, or anyone in the position of accomplishing work through others.

You will benefit from this program if you've ever:

  • Been frustrated by the performance of an employee but not known what to do about it
  • Wanted to initiate a dialogue with a direct report but not known what to say
  • Taken steps to help a subordinate improve, with meager results
  • Wanted to help an employee develop a skill without alienating the employee or coming across as too negative
  • Found yourself unsure of how to bring out optimal performance in your team

Strengthen Your Team with Effective Coaching

You'll come away from this program with the ability to:

  • Recognize and apply effective coaching techniques and avoid ineffective ones
  • Detect coaching needs in your staff
  • Formulate a coaching plan for each employee based on a framework that can be applied at all levels of the organization
  • Successfully initiate a coaching conversation
  • Work with the employee to achieve his or her goals, providing honest feedback on strengths and improvement areas
  • Communicate in ways that motivate and encourage the employee
  • Listen actively
  • Track your employees' progress and tailor your coaching accordingly
  • Use coaching as an ongoing means of reinforcing workplace culture and values

Program Costs and Online Format

The fee for the program is $600.

Coaching for Excellence fits perfectly into a participant's busy schedule. The self-paced online program takes approximately four to six hours to complete and can be taken over a two-week period.

Register for Coaching for Excellence

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More About the Program

This program features:

  • Useful and jargon-free instructional content
  • Videos demonstrating best and worst coaching practices
  • Exercises to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses as a coach
  • Sample goal sheets for employees
  • Skill-building exercises

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