UMUC Library OneSearch: 
Advanced Searching and Refining Your Results

Run time: 2:50 | Transcript


Welcome to this Information and Library Services tutorial about advanced searching and refining your results in UMUC Library OneSearch. It will take approximately three minutes.

UMUC Library OneSearch allows you to search the UMUC eBook collections, library catalog, and most of the UMUC research databases simultaneously for articles, books, and eBooks.

To perform an advanced search, click on the advanced search link below the OneSearch box on the library’s homepage.

This is the advanced search page. Notice that you can limit your results for full text, scholarly journals, publication date, or language.

You should choose English from this list if you want documents only in English.

We recommend you don’t choose full text because you may miss important articles that you can request from Document Express.

You can choose all of these limiters before or after an initial search.

Let’s say you are researching stress in U.S. College students. Always use quotation marks around phrases of two words or more. This allows the database to search for the exact phrase college students in that order.

In the second box, type stress. Note that the database automatically includes the Boolean Operator AND within the search interface.

Type united states in the third box and remember to use quotes for this two word phrase.

Now click the search button.  

The database indicates that 1,346 results were retrieved with this search. 

You can limit these results further by clicking scholarly peer-reviewed journals. This will limit results to only scholarly articles. Note that this will exclude books and ebooks. Once again we recommend that you don’t click “Full Text Only.”

You can also set a date range. If you want only articles from the last ten years, move the slider to the right. Notice that the rest of the screen goes dark while you are making these changes.

Now click Update and your refined results will appear.

The number of results has been reduced from 1,346 to 462.

Along the left-hand side of the screen there are a number of other ways to refine your search, by subject term, subject, publication, company, geography, and so on.

Let’s say you wanted to focus on a particular age group. Just click age,  check the appropriate box,  and click update. Your results will be limited to only that age group.

To learn more about UMUC OneSearch, please visit our library Web site. You can contact a UMUC librarian for help with any of your research needs. Thank you for viewing this tutorial.


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