UMUC Library OneSearch: 
Exploring Additional Resources

Run time: 3:06 | Transcript


This presentation covers how to explore additional resources in UMUC Library OneSearch. It will take about 3 minutes to review.

Using UMUC Library OneSearch is a great way to research your topic in-depth, because it allows you to explore numerous library resources. 

Let’s use the search example "college students" AND stress AND "United States". Note: putting phrases in quotation marks tells the database to search for that exact phrase. Using AND tells the database to search for items containing all of our search terms. When you’re ready, click on the search button.

You will notice on the right side of the screen “Additional Resources to Search.” Listed here are several resources which allow you to explore your topic more in-depth.

First, uncheck the box next to EBSCO Discovery Service. Next, check the box next to ABI/INFORM Complete and then click Update.

As you can see, there are over 100 items in the ABI/INFORM Complete database on our topic – items we would have missed if we had not explored “Additional Resources to Search.”

To retrieve the text of an item, click the Retrieve Item button.  The article opens in another window, allowing you to easily navigate back to OneSearch.

As noted in the previous tutorial, you can refine results by limiting to scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals.

To find items in a different database, check the box next to the database, Contemporary Women’s Issues for example. Next, uncheck the box next to ABI/INFORM Complete. Click Update to see the list of items available in the Contemporary Women’s Issues database. 

You can build upon your original search at any time by adding additional search terms.  For example, if you want to exclude alcohol, you would select NOT from the list of operators.

Then type alcohol before clicking Search. Note: OneSearch will suggest terms as you type – terms that may or may not be related to your search.

You can also chat with a UMUC librarian without leaving OneSearch, in case you have any questions about your research.

This tutorial explored the many additional resources available in UMUC Library OneSearch. A world of information awaits you in OneSearch. Try it today!

Please contact a UMUC librarian if you need help with UMUC Library OneSearch, or for any of your research needs. We are available a number of ways including instant messaging, e-mail, phone, and walk-in visits. Thank you for viewing this presentation.


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