Information Literacy and Writing Assessment Project:
Tutorial for Developing and Evaluating Assignments

Section 1: What Is the Writing and Information Literacy Assessment Project?

The purpose of the information literacy and writing assessment project is to provide training and resources to assist faculty in designing, implementing, and assessing student writing and research skills.

Use of ILWA Assignments in Courses

Faculty may use ILWA assignments to promote the cross-curricular objectives of information literacy and effective writing within a given discipline, or they may use such assignments to promote other disciplinary learning objectives.

In 1987, Arthur W. Chickering and Zelda F. Gamson wrote of the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education, affirming the importance of active learning for students. We'd like you to consider the suggestions and practices of the Seven Principles, and consider the most effective means of achieving them in your courses.

To promote active learning, the assessment tools provided here focus not only on the finished products of research and writing but comprise the whole process. The tools are also designed to be used not only by instructors but by students themselves as self-assessment tools. The assessment materials are offered, furthermore, as working tools in hopes that as they are modified and validated for use in various disciplines they prompt a general discussion of assessment practice.