Creating Effective Database Searches Using Boolean Operators: AND

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Welcome to this Information and Library services tutorial about using the Boolean Operator AND, which helps create effective, focused searches in library databases. This tutorial will take about 2 minutes to review. 

When connecting two terms using AND and then searching for them in a database, the database searches for the two terms. The operator AND is used to narrow a search because the database will only retrieve articles that contain both terms. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, the research database PsycARTICLES will be used as an example, although the same concepts hold true for any database that is searched. 

In this example, the search topic is about violence in adolescents. In the first box, type violence.   

In the second box, type adolescents. Note that the database automatically includes the Boolean Operator AND within the search interface. Now click the search button.  

The database indicates that 115 results were retrieved with this search. 

Click on the title to retrieve the full record of the article. 

Here is the abstract, or summary, of one of the articles. Note that it contains both terms adolescents and violence. All of the results retrieved by the database will contain the terms violence and adolescents in the titles, summaries, or full text of the articles. 

Using the Boolean operator AND will help you create effective, focused searches in library databases. 

To learn more about Boolean Operators as well as other searching tips and techniques, please visit our library Web site. You can contact a UMUC librarian 24/7 for help with any of your research needs. Thank you for viewing this tutorial.